Sterling Silver Initial Jewelry From #ONecklace

I used to wear jewelry all the time, especially during my 20's, but not so much in my 30's or now my 40's.  I have been thinking about getting into the habit of wearing jewelry again though, especially after receiving my sterling silver curl initial necklace from oNecklace!

I like both gold and silver, but have always seemed to purchase more silver pieces.  I think silver looks better on me than gold.  When the package arrived, I didn't even get the chance to open it because my 3-yr old niece confiscated it and proceeded to open it on her own.

When she saw the box, she said "ohhh" and wanted to know what was inside.  So I opened it up and we both said "oohh" then because the necklace was so pretty.  Of course, she thought it was for her, but I had to inform her her name didn't have the initial 'L', but 'A'.  She was a bit disappointed but was happy to see me wearing it.

I loved how it fit around my neck and the script I chose (curl) suited me to a T.  It is sturdy and definitely looks like a fine piece of jewelry!  This particular initial necklace sells for only $29.95 and comes with either a box chain or fine rolo chain.  You can also choose child or adult sizes! If you aren't into necklaces, there are also bracelets, rings, and earrings, all of which are available in sterling silver or gold plated.  They also provide free worldwide shipping.

Visit oNecklace online at and follow on Facebook {/oNecklace}.

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