Purex No Sort for Colors Detergent

Disclosure:  I participated in this post on behalf of Purex, who provided product in exchange for an honest review.  All opinions are my own.  Giveaway provided by Purex.

The Purex laundry detergent brand has come out with a new detergent that will help those of us who do not like to sort our colored clothes in millions of different loads.  It is called Purex no sort for colors.  Made with a breakthrough anti-color-transfer technology, it traps loose dyes in the wash cycle and reduces color bleeding in mixed color loads.

It does help colors stay true, but it is recommended that you wash new pieces of clothing and strongly colored fabrics (like jeans) at least 5 times before doing a mixed color load with this new Purex no sort for best results.

I noticed that this new laundry detergent is a little thicker consistency than their regular.  The scent smells nice without being too overpowering.  I have had no complaints about itching from family members (minus MH, who is in Virginia and hasn't worn anything washed with this).  I added bright colors- like reds, dark blue and black together in a wash cycle and everything came out perfect.  There was no color bleeding that I noticed at all (I have had this happen to me in the past and it ruined an entire load of clothing!)

This laundry detergent can be used in all type of washing machines and comes in fresh scent, in four different bottle sizes.  You can purchase at stores nationwide for about $6.00 per bottle.  Make sure to use the store locator to find out if it is available where you shop.  Visit the Purex website, and their Facebook {/purex} and Twitter pages {@purex} to find out more about this new product and to keep up to date with all of their promotions.

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  1. I accidentally poured bleach in a load of jeans.
    Holly W

  2. I spilled bleach on the sleeve of a brand new sweater.

  3. When I was first married over 40 years ago, I threw in a red shirt with my husband's white underwear-I really didn't know any better! He wore his pink underwear with pride!

  4. I washed a brand new pair of jeans with my regular laundry and got blue dye on everything.

  5. I accidently washed a new red shirt with a light colored load.

  6. My daughter left a bottle of bright purple nail polish in her pocket, it stayed in the pocket through the wash, but came out in the dryer and exploded. Needless to say, the entire load was ruined and had to be thrown out.

  7. I once shrunk one of my wife's good sweaters.

  8. I have done just about all of these myself!

  9. We put bleach in our well water to clean the rust and when I washed my first load of jeans I had bleach blotches on every pair.

  10. My worse laundry mistake was failing to remove a ballpoint pen from a shirt pocket beffore washing and drying a load of clothes. What a mess.

  11. I would have to say turning my husbands work shirt lavender by a blue shirt of mine bleeding.

    Desiree Dunbar

  12. My husband left a blue ink pen in his pocket that got all over my clothes!

  13. My worst laundry problems are when clothes shrink or when the deodorant stains don't come out. My worst oops was when I put my pants in the washer with the flash drive in the pocket. Luckily it still works!

  14. I put a red top in with light colored and everything turned pink.

  15. I didn't know you had to sort laundry. I ruined all of my wife's clothes.

  16. not cleaning out the laundry tub drain and it overflowed and water went EVERYWHERE! awful!

  17. I accidently added a red clothing into white laundry..


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