Win a Tummy Stuffer From the Jay at Play Collection!

Disclosure:  Giveaway item provided by Jay at Play.  I was not compensated for this post.

I like toys that have a dual purpose, especially if it is useful.  That is the case with the new Tummy Stuffers from Jay at Play!

There are six critters to choose from that have a mouth that opens and kids can stuff with whatever they want.  Blankets, more toys, books, clothes, you name it.  The critters line up includes:

  • Blue Leopard
  • Spotted Dalmatian
  • Blue and Pink Polka Dot Bunny
  • Purple and Pink Striped Cat
  • Yellow and Pink Polka Dot Giraffe
  • Argyle Monkey

They are 13 inches tall and retail for $19.99.  You can find out more at the website, and you might want to take advantage of the offer - buy one and get a mini one free!  I'm partial to the monkey myself.

Tummy Stuffers is coming to Toys”R”Us, Target, Wal-Mart, K-Mart and Justice stores this summer!

Find out more and follow Jay at Play {which also includes HideAway Pets and J Animals} on Facebook /JAnimalsWearableStuffedAnimals, and on Twitter @j_animals!

Giveaway - In celebration of the retail launch of Tummy Stuffers, one person will win a Tummy Stuffer…. ARV $19.99.  {PLEASE NOTE:  Critter choice fulfillment depends on availability}

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