Trying PEPCID Complete For my Heartburn

Disclosure:  I participated in this post on behalf of PEPCID, through Smiley360, who provided product in exchange for an honest review.  All opinions and outcomes are my own.  

I tend to get heartburn quite often.  Not only because of the medicine I take daily, but because of being overweight and eating and drinking certain foods.  I was told by my doctor to stop taking the store brand Omeprazole because it can cause Osteoporosis.  That was a tough week for me because my heartburn was almost unbearable, but I made it and over time it got better.

I received a coupon through Smiley360 to try out PEPCID Complete, an antacid and acid reducer.  I had never used this before, but was curious to see how fast it would work and for how long.  A 25-count bottle cost me $9.44 at Walmart, and I chose the berry flavor over the cool mint or tropical fruit.

I loved the fact that they are chewable and do not taste like chalk!  I did NOT like the fact that they contain sucralose, but with only taking one pill, it didn't bother me.  Yes, it did work fast and seemed to keep the heartburn away for most of the day or in some cases, days.

Considering the price and the effectiveness, I would say PEPCID Complete is a better deal because you don't need to take as much and it lasts longer.  It does contain Famotidine (an acid blocker), so make sure to discuss with your doctor before taking to make sure it does not interact with any prescription medicine you may be on.

Do you want to try it out for yourself?  You can get a $2.00 coupon to use on your next purchase!  Also, follow PEPCID on social networks:  Facebook /Pepcid.

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