Early Decision Book Review

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Early Decision
  Written by Lacy Crawford
  Paperback, 304 Pages
  Fiction, August 2014
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Ane Arlington is twenty-seven, single, and in demand:  she is the independent 'college whisperer' whose name is passed from parent to parent like a winning lottery ticket, the only tutor who can make a difference with the Ivy League.

This book follows one application season and the five students Anne guides to their fates:  Hunter, the athletic boy who never quite hits his potential, a kind, heavily defended kid who drives his mother mad; Sadie, an heiress who is perfectly controlled but at the expense of her own heart; William, whose intelligence permits him to dodge his father's cruel conservatism but can't solve the problem of loneliness; Alexis, a blazing overachiever whose midwestern parents have never heard of a tiger mom; and Cristina, who could write her ticket out of her enormous, failing high school, if only she knew how.

Meanwhile, Anne needs a little coaching herself, having learned that even the best college does not teach a person how to make a life.

In this novel, she delivers an explosive insider's guide to the secrets of college admissions at the highest levels.  It's also a deft commentary on modern parenting and how the scramble for Harvard is shaping a generation.

Lacy Crawford served as a highly discreet independent college admissions counselor to the children of powerful clients in cities such as New York, Chicago, Denver, San Francisco, Los Angeles, and London for 15 years. Her 'day jobs' included serving as senior editor of Narrative magazine and director of the Burberry Foundation. Educated at Princeton and the University of Chicago, she lives in California with her husband and two children.  Find her online at lacycrawford.com.

My Thoughts
This was supposed to be a quick, funny book about college admissions, which it was at times, but it also makes you feel a little bad for some of the kids involved.  If you are a parent and want to get your children into a good college, this book can give you good ideas.  There are discussion questions at the end of the book, if you are interested in group reading also.  All in all, not a bad read.  I Rated This Book:  3/5 Stars ***

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