Treat-ibles Biscuits For Dogs

Disclosure:  I received samples to facilitate my review.  This is my honest opinion only.  You may have a different outcome/opinion.

Our dog, Nellie, is 13 years old.  We have been told by our Vet that she has arthritis in her back, among other things.  Every year it takes a more noticeable affect on her.  She takes a supplement every day to help with joint pain, but the weather and not being active for periods of time takes it toll.  We don't want to give her pain meds for obvious reasons.  When I heard about Treat-ibles I was interested to find out if it would help Nellie.

What is Treat-ibles?  It is a a gluten-free, vegan, non-psychoactive, hemp-derived cannabidiol dog biscuit.  It is supposed to help with anxiety, pain, arthritis and more.  They contain ingredients like coconut oil, pumpkin and 1 mg. of Cannabidiol (CBD), which is derived from the nontoxic cannabis hemp plant.

The suggested dosage is 1 Treat-ible per 10 pounds of weight.  It can be repeated every four hours or as needed.  Since Nellie weighs 50 lbs, she got to munch five biscuits.  I didn't even have enough time to take her picture with the biscuit in her mouth before it was gone!  She loved the taste.  I liked that the biscuits were the perfect size and easy for her to chew.  How did it work?  She did appear calmer, seemed to walk around a little easier and it seemed to last about four or more hours.  Dixie got involved too... she retrieved the package before I could get to it and ate her helping.  She was definitely calmer, which was nice around our suppertime!

A resealable bag retails for about $22 for 40 biscuits, or you can get a case for $200.00.  To find out more and to order, visit the website,

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