One Year

Disclosure:  I received samples to facilitate my review.  This is my honest opinion only.  You may have a different outcome/opinion. 

One Year
  Written by Mary McDonough
  Hardcover, 464 Pages
  Fiction, May 2015

The Fitzgibbons - especially the women - have long been the backbone of Oliver’s Well, Virginia. Matriarch Mary Bernadette is still striking and tireless at seventy-five, with a generous heart that belies her sometimes sharp tongue. Her husband, Paddy, owns the local landscaping business, daughter Grace is a nun, and son Pat and his wife Megan are successful lawyers.

Her grandson, PJ, and his new wife, Alexis, live in a charming cottage behind the main house. Church, family, tradition, and the local historical society - everything Mary Bernadette cherishes is in Oliver’s Well. But below the surface, there are fractures.

Megan sees the strained relationship between her husband and Mary Bernadette, who has never quite recovered from the painful loss of her first-born son. Megan too is torn between gaining her mother-in-law’s approval and living life on her own terms.

Alexis loves PJ deeply yet chafes against his grandmother’s influence in their marriage. Then a looming scandal brings unexpected tragedy, compelling the Fitzgibbons to determine the depth of their loyalty, find their strength - and repair the bonds that have held a town, and a family, together for so long.

Mary McDonough starred as Erin on The Waltons for nine years.  She was the founding president of LUPUS LA, and created to raise awareness about women's health issues.  You can find her online at

My Thoughts
This was a story about three generations of women in one family.  Some of the characters were quite irritating, while others I would love to have as friends.  I could see some similarities to my own life.  The main character was very dominating and I found it hard to tolerate her.  The story itself was ok, but seemed to drag on a little.  I Rated This Book:  3/5 Stars ***  

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