Othernaturals- Lucid Book Two

Disclosure:  I received an ARC sample to facilitate my review.  This is my honest opinion only.  You may have a different outcome/opinion. 

Othernaturals - Lucid Book 2
  Written by Christina Harlin
  e-Book, 216 Pages
  Fiction, April 2015

Publisher's Synopsis:
The team from the popular paranormal webshow Othernaturals continues their adventure: Rosemary the telepath; Andrew the psychic; Stefan the medium with his ghostly best friend Brentley; Sally the vampire; Kaye the healer; Greg the ghost-spotter; Judge the animal empath; and Judge’s cat, team mascot Vladimir.

Ghosts, hauntings, possessions, or curses.  These paranormal investigators have seen them all. But this time, the subject of their investigation is something new.  A tomato farm in the small town of Clancy is the site of a mysterious brand of telepathy: anyone who sleeps there experiences the same dream of a white wolf.

The dreamer, accident-survivor Ivy Robbins, has the ability to pull others into her dreamscape where they can share this other world with her and all others who are drawn in.  In the dream world, there are no rules.  All things are possible.  Fantasies are played out and passions indulged, fears come to life, and no secret remains one for long.

Hidden in the heart of southern Missouri, Clancy does not welcome paranormal investigators.  A local church group, their angry leader pushing her own vengeful agenda, will do whatever it can to drive the Othernaturals out of town, including dredging up scandalous rumors of Andrew’s past.  Andrew knows all too well that no good deed comes without a price.

Heedless of price or danger, Rosemary Sharpe lets nothing stop her from producing her show and pursuing answers, not the pleas of a ghost who wishes only to put his grieving mother at ease, nor threats from the the evil spirit of the axe-murderer Rosemary still holds trapped in the corner of her mind.  As she and her team explore deeper into the strange world of their dreaming hostess, they grow ever closer to truly knowing each other.

Christina Harlin is the author of supernatural thrillers, including Deck of Cards and Never Alone.  She lives in Kansas City with her family.  Visit othernaturals.com for videos and extra information about the team.  You can find her online at christinaharlin.com.

My Thoughts
I haven't read the first Othernaturals book, but after this I think I will have to.  This is a quick read with interesting characters.  All six members of the team, with Rosemary as the leader, have some kind of special ability and use it to produce a tv show.  Their latest 'case' has them trying to figure out why people are having the same dream about a white wolf.

While there, they also see a ghost of a boy that had disappeared many years earlier in that town.  He wants help, but they don't know exactly what he wants because he keeps fading away.  Then throw in a bunch of townspeople who do not want the team in their town and you have a perfect setup for one of their shows.  Several of the characters have to face up to their pasts, reluctantly.  I Rated This Book:  4/5 Stars ****

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