Dr. Jack's Dog Facts: A Guide to Common Canine Ailments

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Dr. Jack's Dog Facts: A Guide to Common Canine Ailments
  Written by Dr. John (Jack) Bloxham
  Paperback, 86 Pages
  Veterinary Medicine, June 2014

Publisher's Synopsis:
The standard pet food commercial would lead one to believe that all it takes to keep a dog healthy is quality meals and a few fine chew toys, but really dogs are just like people and face a number of common health concerns that all owners should be aware of.

John Bloxham, D.V.M., has been practicing veterinary medicine in various capacities for over 50 years. Just like his clients, Dr. Bloxham has a profound love for all of his patients and a special soft spot for canine companions. He has turned his many years of patient visits into the simple new guide.

Dr. John (Jack) Bloxham received his pre-veterinary education from South Carolina and Clemson universities before heading to Auburn University to become a doctor of veterinary medicine. He has received many accolades as both a diagnostician and surgeon in his field. He enjoys building long-lasting relationships with both clients and their pet patients. His main goal in life is to help people be the best pet owners they can be for their furry family members.

My Thoughts
Since we have two dogs, I was happy to go through this 'guide' and see what the author had to say.  It is arranged in twelve chapters that briefly talk about parts of the dog's body/system.  It will give you a general idea of what the problem may be and then pretty much suggests that you go to a Veterinarian to get your furry friend checked out.  All in all, a basic guide to common problems.   I Rated This Book:  3/5 Stars ***

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