Home & Family's How to Control Amount of Pet Allergans

Do you ever watch the Hallmark Channel?  If so, you have probably seen the show, Home & Family, which airs weekdays at 10 am, ET.

They share a lot of interesting and helpful information, like this episode with Laura Nativo, who shares ways to control the amount of allergans that get into your and your furry friend's home.

A side note, if you are a Deadliest Catch fan, you will recognize two of the Captains in the photo above.  Here are directions for a foot scrub for your dogs...

Povidone Iodine Foot Scrub for Pets - Home & Family


  1. Fill tub or sink with a couple inches of water, enough to cover pads of feet
  2. You can find povidone iodine at most grocery stores or pharmacies
  3. Dilute povidone iodine with water until it’s the color of iced tea
  4. Swish solution around tub while pet stands in it
  5. Soak each foot for 2-5 minutes
  6. Don’t need to rinse off solution, just pat dry!

H&F Photo Credit:
Copyright 2015 Crown Media Family Networks/Photographer: Jeremy Lee

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