Secret Brother, New Sequel to Flowers in the Attic

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Secret Brother
  Written by V.C. Andrews
  Fiction, 400 Pages
  Paperback/e-Book, May 2015
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Publisher's Synopsis:
The most unexpected Dollanganger story of them all...

An elderly man loses his grandson in the same ER where a young boy is dropped off and left for dead.  Moved by the plight of the traumatized child with no home and no memory, he takes the boy to his vast estate to recover and raise alongside his granddaughter, who becomes enraged at her grandfather's actions and ashamed of her "secret brother."

But while the boy doesn't remember where he came from or who his family is, their presence lingers in the shadows like ghosts of the past.  A past he might be better off leaving in darkness.

V.C. Andrews was a bestselling author and had written several novels, including Flowers in the Attic.

My Thoughts
I read Flowers in the Attic when I was in my teens.  It was a story that I never forgot.  This newest addition, with the help of a ghost writer, isn't bad, but it doesn't grab you like her writing always did.  It spent way too much time talking about the sister and her grieving.  It made her seem so spoiled and shallow.  It was nice to learn that the little boy from the first book didn't die from being poisoned, but it doesn't tell his story either.  I was a bit disappointed.  I Rated This Book:  2/5 Stars **

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