What's A Grilling Season Without Southern Recipe?

Disclosure:  I received samples to facilitate my review.  This is my honest opinion only.  You may have a different outcome/opinion.  Giveaway items provided and shipped by sponsor.

Now that the warm weather is here and summer is just around the corner, we have been using our grill.  Food tastes so much better grilled, no matter what it is.  We usually have some kind of salad, either potato or macaroni, and chips to add to our plates, along with the meat and veggies that we've cooked.

Wasn't I happy to receive a bag of Southern Recipe's Bar-B-Que Pork Rinds to share with family!  We actually had a lot of company the first weekend and the pork rinds were a hit.  They had a spicy kick that made you want to eat more and more.  They come in four flavors, so if you don't like spicy, you can get something that suits your taste more:
  • Original
  • Hot & Spicy
  • Bar-B-Que
  • Salt 'n Vinegar

They have zero carbs and are gluten-free.  A bag retails for about $1.99 each or you can buy by the case (12 - 24 bags) online for about $26 and up.  You can find out more at southernrecipe.com.

It’s National Grilling Month! Fire up the grill, and try a burger bar at your next gathering! It’s easy! We even have a great Beefy Pork Rinds Burger recipe using Rudolph’s Pork Rinds you can try! Just follow the recipe and grill your burgers.

Then set out a wide array of toppings so your guests can make their own creations. Don’t forget to include a big bowl of Rudolph’s Bold and Spicy BBQ Pork Rinds! The BBQ flavor is the perfect addition to a great burger! Make National Grilling Month all about sharing great summer food with your friends and family!

Check out Rudolph’s pork rind blog to find more great recipes including your favorite pork rinds!

To learn more, visit Rudolph Foods online (rudolphfoods.com), or at most Walmart stores nationwide. Happy grilling!

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