I Tried the DivaCup & Was Disappointed

Several years ago I was really interested in trying something different than pads and tampons because it was costing so much.  I could go through a package in days and my period lasts at least two weeks.  Everyone was talking about the DivaCup and how much they loved it, it changed their life, the initial cost was worth it, etc.

After reading reviews I hesitantly ordered one from Amazon. According to the DivaCup directions, if you are over 30 - even if you have never given birth vaginally - and/or have a heavy flow, you should order the #2 size.  Check.

Got the product, read all the directions.  Now it's time to put the thing in.  This is where everyone seems to have problems the first time, including me.  I swear, it took me at least five minutes to get that sucker in, and when it was finally in, I couldn't get it to open completely.  They say your vaginal muscles loosen as you get older, but mine have not.  If anything, they are tighter now than when I was in my 20's.

Trying to get it out was another major problem.  I think I pulled a muscle trying to pull that thing out!  After reading all the advice on the review pages, I guess I did not try pushing the cup in before pulling.  This is definitely a learning experience and takes time to get it just right.  I didn't have the patience and never used it again.  At a price of about $28, that was an expensive disappointment.  I went back to using pads and my GladRags.

Have you ever used the DivaCup?  What did you think?

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  1. I've heard of the Diva Cup but have never used it. I've read mixed reviews. I'm pretty sure I'm going to stick with regular pads.


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