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Nightlife:  Night Terrors
  Written by Matthew Quinn Martin
  eBook, Fiction
  July 27, 2015

Publisher's Synopsis:
In Nightlife:  Night Terrors with bonus As the Worm Turns -- Jack and Beth are back, along with their faithful dog, Blood. For months they have been keeping just one step ahead of The Division, whose enigmatic leader has been pursuing them with the single-minded obsession to capture them by any means necessary.

But as Jack and Beth continue their quest to rid the world of the creatures once and for all they find themselves facing off against something even more terrifying than the Night Angels - something that could hold the key to humanity’s salvation…or its doom.

In Nightlife -- The story of two unlikely monster hunters determined to save the city of New Harbor from the Night Angels - bloodthirsty creatures that feed on the forgotten. Jack Jackson and Beth Becker are among the few who can see these creatures for what they really are, but as they hunt the creatures, a mysterious organization known only as The Division is hunting them.

In Nightlife:  Hazardous Material -- A look into the Division’s origins and aims, when a young man stumbles onto a long-abandoned video arcade - which three decades ago was the site of the largest mass shooting in New York history - and unwittingly uncovers a relic of unimaginable power and mind-altering terror.

Matthew Quinn Martin was born in Allentown, Pennsylvania and raised in New Haven, Connecticut, it wasn’t until Matthew moved to Manhattan that he realized he was a writer. These days, he lives on a small island off the North Atlantic coast of the United States where it gets quiet in the winter…perhaps too quiet…  Find him online at

My Thoughts
I really enjoyed this series! There was action, weird vampires, and something else that is a little like a mermaid.  Oh yeah, throw in a secret society to that mix too.  Jack has been fighting the creatures for years and has been teaching Beth what he knows, while they stay out of sight of The Division.  There seem to be a lot of secrets that want to stay hidden.  Jack thinks he only has months to live, so he tries to teach Beth to be as independent as possible.  Who is the bad guy in the story?  You will have to read it to find out.  I Rated This Book:  4/5 Stars ****

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