Recent Goodies In My Mailbox

I have gotten several nice items in my mailbox lately... all of which were things I have won!

The first is a Werther's Original Sugar Free prize pack I won on their Facebook page.  It came with an orange yoga mat, blue water bottle, blue pedometer with belt clip, blue hand towel, two bags of hard candy and two bags of chewy candy.

The candy tastes great, even though it's made with Splenda {yuck - my body does NOT like artificial sweeteners}.  I tried a few pieces just so I could see what it tasted like, then I'm giving the rest to family.

Then a coupon for a free package of Fla-Vor-Ice product I won on their Facebook page.  I used to love these as a kid and haven't had any in years.

And onto a nice Visa gift card from SheSpeaks that I won during one of their Twitter parties.  Yes, it has been used up already... food, gas, etc.  I actually did buy myself four cheap t-shirts though.

And last but not least is a pair of Riders by Lee capri pants that I won on their Facebook page.  They are super soft and stretch, so they are comfy to wear.  I actually needed some new capris, so it worked out pretty well for me.

What have you gotten in YOUR mailbox lately?

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