The Kindness by Polly Samson

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The Kindness
  Written by Polly Samson
  Fiction, 304 Pages
  Hardcover, Paperback, eBook
  July 21, 2015
  $9.99 - $19.26

Publisher's Synopsis:
He followed her eyes skyward to a bird that was falling, turning and turning, like a heart that had leapt free. It fell, and as it did it became a falcon. He was transfixed.

Julian's fall begins the moment he sets eyes on Julia.

Julia is married and eight years his senior; he is a gifted English student, a life of academia ahead. Ignoring warnings from family and friends, they each give up all they have to be together. Their new life in London offers immense happiness, especially after their longed-for daughter Mira is born.

When Julian hears that Firdaws, his adored boyhood home, is for sale, he sets out to recreate a lost paradise for his new family. Once again, love blinds him. It is only when Mira becomes terrifyingly ill that it is impossible for Julia to conceal from him the explosive secret that she has been keeping at the heart of their lives.

Polly Samson was born in London in 1962. She is the author of two highly acclaimed story collections and a novel, Out of the Picture, which was shortlisted for the Author Club's First Novel Award. Her most recent collection of linked stories, Perfect Lives, was a Sunday Times Fiction Choice of the Year. She lives in Sussex.

My Thoughts
This book was slow and hard for me to read.  The story jumped from present to past and seemed to drag on.  After getting together, Julia and Julian attempt to have a baby and miscarry.  Eventually they are successful and have Mira, but she gets sick, changing everyone's life.  That is when the secret is revealed, which isn't until the end of the book, and it has to do with her Uncle...  I Rated This Book:  2/5 Stars **

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  1. Sounds like it may be interesting book.


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