Do You Have An Old Cell Phone You Want to Get Rid Of?

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I don't use cell phones, but MH does - maybe too much now that he has gotten onto Facebook.  He is going to be getting a new phone soon because his was dropped into a pond while fishing and now doesn't work the way it should.  That is pretty irritating when he calls home and I can't hear what he is saying.

Have you heard that you can get a new Apple iPhone by trading in your old iPhone to Gazelle?  Since MH is a hoarder, he will not get rid of any of his old phones, so he won't take this deal, which is too bad because Apple's next-generation phones are expected to be unveiled next week and have faster processing, more RAM, and integrate the Force Touch technology found in the Apple Watch and some MacBook models.

So out with the old, in with the new, as they say! Trade-In your iPhone for cash  ...While we have a drawer full of old, unused phones collecting dust.


  1. I really need to look into this, my phone is old

    1. As much as you use a phone, I'm sure!


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