Buddies: Heartwarming Photos of GIs and Their Dogs in World War II

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Buddies:  Heartwarming Photos of GIs and Their Dogs in WWII
  Written by L. Douglas Keeney
  Paperback, 176 Pages
  Photo Book
  August 2015, $19.99

Publisher's Synopsis:
Enjoy the fun photos and heartwarming stories of WWII's American soldiers and their dogs.

One of the most effective forms of American propaganda during World War II was the morale-boosting dog (or buddy) photo. The photos reassured folks back home that despite the horrors of the war, their boys were still boys.

Buddies is chock-full of photos of warriors and their pups, along with stories of the dogs and their service in Europe and the Pacific. This new edition includes even more photos and tales of furry friends on the front.

Max, a Boxer, was a full-fledged paratrooper in the Army who earned his wings after five jumps. Skippy, a pit bull pointer, was such a big part of his bomber crew that members painted him on their B-17 Flying Fortress and fitted him with a custom oxygen mask. Don't forget the salty dogs of the navy such as Hobo, who followed his pals when they took a beach.

"Private" Chico, a marine mutt, promptly dug his own foxhole after landing on Bougainville. The US Coast Guard counted many puppies who were born on ships among their furriest, and possibly most beloved, sailors. Pete the Pooch, a tenacious terrier, even helped bring in mooring lines!

Although dogs were the most popular mascot, a few chickens, crows, cats, goats, and monkeys made their way into the hearts of our fighting men. Get the full story on these companions too!

L. Douglas Keeney is a military historian and researcher and the author of 15 Minutes: General Curtis Lemay and the Countdown to Nuclear Annihilation. He is the cofounder of The Military Channel on which he hosted a series called On Target. He has since appeared on the Discovery Channel, CBS, and the Learning Channel and is the author of ten books of military history.

My Thoughts
This book is so cute.  I loved all the old pictures. Not only does it show photos of military personnel, but it tells stories about the animals.  It isn't all about dogs either.  There are cats and other furry critters. It shows how much animals have touched the lives of people, especially in tough situations.  It would make a great gift for military people or animal lovers!  I Rated This Book:  4/5 Stars ****

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Buddies Book


  1. My daughter would love this book.

    abfantom at yahoo dot com

  2. I think my father in law and I would love this!

  3. I think my husband would like the book very much so.

  4. I love reading about animal-human relationships.

  5. Both me and my mother will enjoy this great book a lot. It looks very good.

  6. As a Vietnam veteran myself, I think any veteran including myself would love to read this book.

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  8. My father's dog was in WWII, ran away from home to join. His name was Cuddles, he died in the Battle of the Bulge but not before he had 9 confirmed kills of Nazi dogs...and, of yeah, I would love to read this book and my dog, Clooney, can not wait to eat this book.

  9. Our granddaughter would love this book.

  10. I think my Aunt would like this book the most.


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