Piglet Bo Can Do Anything!

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Piglet Bo Can Do Anything!
  Written by Geert De Kockere
  Illustrated by Tineke Van Hemeldonck
  Hardcover, 32 Pages
  Kids Ages 3 - 6
  August 2015, $13.47

Publisher's Synopsis:
With a little bit of luck, Piglet Bo can do anything!

Piglet Bo wants to jump over a whole field, blow down a forest, and pluck a star from the sky.  And he's sure he can do all of these things and more.  After completing many feats, Piglet Bo walks out onto a long pier, as far as it will take him.  He looks to the deep sea, and although the pier will take him no farther, Piglet Bo will not be stopped.  "I can go into the water," he says.  "If I like, if I dare."  And with a leap of faith, he jumps.

Piglet Bo finds friends on his journey - a whale, a pigeon, a bull - and they inspire and help him when they can, but ultimately it takes courage and daring for Piglet Bo to attempt the impossible.  Piglet Bo is the bravest and most determined little piglet, with a heart set on adventure.  There are no limits to what he - or even you - can do in this sweet and encouraging first book in the new series about Piglet Bo.

Geert De Kockere studied to become a teacher but instead became a professional journalist, working for the Flemish newspaper De Standaard (The Standard).  Currently he is the editor of Buitenbeen, a nature magazine for Flanders and the Netherlands.  He has written many children's books and has won a variety of book prizes for his work.  He lives in Kempen, Belgium.

Tineke Van Hemeldonck studied graphic design, specializing in illustration, at Provinciale Hoge school Limburg in Hasselt.  She has done all kinds of graphic design work and has illustrated several children's books.  She currently lives in Bunsbeek, Belgium.

My Thoughts
This book is all about Piglet Bo's fun adventures.  He is always up for something new and nothing seems to stop him from doing what he finds interesting.  He always finds plenty of friends along the way too.  The story is fun to read and the illustrations are colorful.  Keep an eye out for his newest addition, due out in November! I Rated This Book:  3/5 Stars ***

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