Tips For Keeping Pets Safe As You Grill

Here are a few tips from Certified Veterinary Journalist Dr. Katy Nelson, aka “Dr. Pawz” about how to keep your furry friends safe while you are grilling the end of this summer:
  • Keep the grill clean – Grease and juice drippings left in the bottom of the grill catch can be hard for pets to resist. Ensure active grills are never left unattended and are regularly cleaned afterward to avoid temptation and potential pet stomach upset.
  • Keep the trash canned - Never leave bags of grilling leftovers unattended. Steak bones, greasy tin foil and buttery corn cobs are all too tempting for even the most disciplined pooches.
  • Banish bites from the table - Common ingredients found in our favorite summer dishes such as garlic, onion and onion powder can be dangerous for pets. Opt for a tasty treat made specifically for dogs like Nudges Grillers and Nudges Sizzlers.

Nellie and Dixie tried out the Nudges Sizzlers and Grillers from Tyson Pet Products mentioned above...  Upon taking the two packages out of the box, Nellie tried grabbing the bags out of my hand and Dixie just sat there staring at it - as you can see in the first two photos.  I have to admit, these smell so good that I was almost tempted to try one!  They look like little burgers and are easy for the girls to eat, especially Nellie.

They are made with real meat, which is raised in the U.S., and no artificial flavors or preservatives.  That means you don't have to worry about foreign food items not being safe for your furry family.  Here is the ingredient list for the beef & cheese Sizzlers: Beef, chicken, vegetable glycerin, ground rice, black beans, sugar, cheese, chickpeas, tapioca starch, natural flavors, salt, distilled vinegar, colored with caramel.  The Nudges products include Grillers, Sizzlers and Jerky Cuts - in two or more flavors each.

I don't know why they put sugar in there, but I know that beans are good for you!  Even though the girls have had a few of these every day, they haven't had gas, which happens with some treats.  They get excited when they see the bag and wait for one every morning when MH heads off to work.  You can purchase these for about $12.98 per bag at stores like Kroger and Walmart.  Use the store locator to find the closest location to you.  You can find out more at the website,, and find them on social media:


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