We Invited the Sugar Goblin Into Our Home #TheSugarGoblin

We have had the smallest Sugar Goblin in our home, playing tricks every day in hopes of getting some of the Halloween candy this year.  Since Sugar Goblins only eat candy, this is a very serious exchange.

Our Picture Turned Backward

One day he turned some of our pictures around, the next day, he hid the tv remote.  MH wasn't happy about that one, but it was found on top of the refrigerator, so it all turned out ok.  We all agreed that the little "tricks" are kind of fun to discover every day and when the trick-r-treating is done, he will get a good portion for his work.  The added excitement was the gift that will be left behind after the Sugar Goblin takes the candy back to Sugar Goblin Village.

The Sugar Goblin Hanging Out

What is this all about? If you are familiar with the Elf on the Shelf, then you have a good idea of what the Sugar Goblin is.  It is a way for parents and kids to have fun during the holiday and give away candy that they don't really need.  You can purchase the kit now, which includes a Sugar Goblin toy and a hardcover storybook, telling them all about the Sugar Goblins and how much they need candy.

The Sugar Goblin Got His Candy

As you can see by the photo, this is a very cute item.  The toy has velcro on the hands, so he can hang around the house, reminding kids about his tricks.  The book is colorful with big illustrations, telling the story and how to welcome him into your home (and has been read numerous times already).  If you are looking for a fun activity to do every Halloween, I would definitely recommend this!

Sugar Goblin Left His Gift In Exchange for Candy

To find out more about this new family tradition, visit the website at thesugargoblin.com.  You can purchase on Amazon for $29.99 - (just click the photo below) and it should be available at Target.com soon.  You can also find the Sugar Goblin on social media:


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