Cleaning House & Body With Nixall

This past year Nellie has been having an awful time with her back, which the Vet said is arthritis.  Not only does she have pain, but it causes her to dribble on her beds all the time.  I don't want our house to stink, so I was looking for something to use to get rid of the odor.  Then I got Nixall® Cleanser...

Nixall Cleanser - natural cleaner and deodorizer safe for the whole household, is a new all natural solution of hypochlorous acid in a saline solution that safely and effectively eliminates orders by oxidation.   It is supposed to get rid of foul odors - something I have really needed this year.  I have used all of this small bottle already and it has seemed to help eliminate some of the odor.

I also have been using the Skin + Coat Grooming Solution - no rinse cleanser that moisturizes and deodorizes, since neither Nellie or Dixie like getting the dreaded "B" word -- bath.  After chasing them down to spray onto their bodies, I noticed that it helped a little with the doggie smell, but doesn't keep the funk away for long.  They will still need a bath.  Sorry girls.

I did really like the First Aid Solution - for sunburns, cuts, insect bites, dry skin, burns, blisters, lip sores, rashes, which I have used on both MH and myself.  His arms tend to bleed very easily, so I cleaned and sprayed with this product.  It doesn't sting at all, which is important for those who have children or those who don't tolerate pain much.  I have used it the most on my dry patch on my elbow.  It makes it feel a little softer and smoother all day long.  I do have to spray it once every day though.

The final product we have used is the Wound + Skin Solution for dogs.  It is supposed to help with hot spots, burns, scratches, cuts, insect bites and wounds.  I couldn't tell if it made them feel better, but they didn't mind being sprayed with it.

Nixall has products to take care of the entire family, from humans to your critters.  Nixall Family Wellness, and Nixall Animal Wellness has several products to help clean or protect in several sizes, with prices ranging from $11.95 and up.  You can purchase products online at  Follow them on social media at:

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