Acupuncture For Dogs - Nellie's Experience

Our oldest dog, Nellie, has been having problems with her back for the past year.  Our regular Veterinarian said it was arthritis in her back and has prescribed pain medicine for her to take twice a day.

Over the past month, she has gotten a lot worse and tends to fall down a lot, especially when she is going to the bathroom.  It is obvious that a nerve is pinched in her back.

After discussing it and browsing the internet, MH decided to take her to a new Veterinarian that treats animals with laser and/or acupuncture.

Today was Nellie's first appointment and after examining her, the decision to do acupuncture was made.

After the first needle was inserted Nellie was calmer and after an electric pulse was used later, she noticeably relaxed.

I have to say the treatment has helped since Nellie has been acting calmer and sleeping better.  She didn't even start whining for her supper at 3 p.m. like she normally does - instead, she was sleeping and I had to wake her up to eat.

Nellie has 3 more appointments, one time per week.  Hopefully, she will get much relief over the next month.  I know she sure deserves it!

MH made the comment he might make an appointment for acupuncture for himself after seeing the positive results Nellie has had.

What about you? Do you have any experience with acupuncture - for yourself or an animal?


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    1. She actually appears to be doing better and not as restless. Her next appointment is Thursday :)


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