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The coloring book craze for adults is in full swing and I've just heard about another company who publishes very nice books, inspired by Art.  Pomegranate coloring books for adults includes many choices but I tried out only two.

I really liked these because they both had a hardcover that made it easy to sit on my lap and enjoy the process of coloring.  The pages are made with high quality paper and laid down nicely too.  If you want to frame your artwork after coloring, you just cut out the page (they do not tear out).   I liked Fractal Art a little better only because there was more coloring involved, there wasn't so much black filled in. The first up is:

Intricate Ink:  Animals in Detail
  by Tim Jeffs
Hardcover, 108 Pages
50 Images, $16.95
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Publisher's Synopsis:
Using black ink pens and colored pencils, American artist and illustrator Tim Jeffs is creating a veritable ink zoo of intricately drawn animals.

Ever intrigued by their diversity and complexity, Jeffs strives to capture his subjects’ essence in his portraits. He begins each drawing with extensive research into a given animal’s conservation status, habitats, habits, and physical appearance. He then closely studies its skin or fur but lets artistic license dictate the patterns, textures, and colors he applies.

He enjoys “having the control of making it my own creation, and not just another photograph.” Jeffs does, however, pay photorealistic attention to drawing each creature’s eyes, which “give it a personality, express emotion and let the animal tell its own story as it looks back at the viewer.”

Tim Jeff's story began in Maryland in 1965. Born the seventh of eight children, and from a young age fascinated by drawing, Jeffs was a national award-winning artist while still in high school. A scholarship to Parsons School of Design in New York set the stage for a twenty-five-year career designing books, logos, and websites for Scientific American, Sunset Publishing, Time Life Books and others. Jeffs began sketching animals for personal pleasure; his finely detailed drawings have gone on to garner worldwide attention.

Fractal Art
  by Doug Harrington
Hardcover, 108 Pages
50 Images, $16.95
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Publisher's Synopsis:
Zoom in or zoom out, and you will find within a fractal the same simple but irregular shape replicate itself in complex patterns.

While these often resemble structures in the world around us - a nautilus shell, a snowflake, a spider’s web - nature has its limits.

But the fractals devised from mathematical formulas are infinite, both outwardly and inwardly. Fractal geometry creates a space where repetition is beauty, where math is art, and where perfection is possible.

Doug Harrington has been making digital fractals for nearly twenty years. He produces these diverse and vibrant images digitally and in fine art prints. Each piece, based on an original formula, is unique.

I Rated Both of These Books 5/5 Stars *****

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  1. Ernst Haeckel...wow! that looks like a great coloring book
    K Simpson

  2. I love the Fractal Art Coloring Book. Thank you for the wonderful giveaway.

  3. I also like the Umberto Brunelleschi: Stories from Once Upon a Time Coloring Book

  4. I like the Fractal Art coloring book!

  5. That is a wow coloring book! I would treasure it!

  6. Kawase Hasui Coloring Book looks good too

  7. I would love the Kew Gardens and William Morris books.

  8. I also like the Susan Seddon Unicorn Coloring Book.
    Laurie Emerson


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