Bring Back That Loving Feeling With Fiera For Her

As we get older things change, life usually finds a way to get in the way.  Being in a relationship can be pretty tough and can get thrown on the back burner way too often.  I have been through a bad marriage and try to learn from it, sometimes very begrudgingly.  Fast forward to being with MH... it started in the year 1998 and it has had its ups and downs.  A relationship refresh is needed.

We are actually the same age, 46, and have two furry kids, one of which has always been a real hand full.  He works full time, from early morning until late night - that means he leaves for work in the dark and gets home in the dark.  Not much time for anything else can be squeezed into that schedule, unless he takes a much needed day off.

Any kind of intimate relationship has been really tough and now that I have been showing signs of menopause, I'm not in the mood as much as I used to be.  Always up for solutions, we decided to try the Fiera for Her.

What is it?  A small device that helps get you in the mood by using soft suction and vibration.  What that means is that it is hands-free, so you can concentrate on other things.  It is also rechargeable and made with safe materials...

Fiera is led by women and makes sure that women are involved in the development of their products.  Targeted more towards those in their 40 - 60's, they make premium sexual wellness products that are backed by scientific studies.  It is no surprise that a large percentage of the people who purchase Fiera are men who want to improve their relationship with their partners.

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You can purchase a Fiera for yourself on Amazon - with special pricing in April!

Many thanks to Fiera for sponsoring today’s story and encouraging me to find our spark again! 

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