Matrix Oil Wonders Volume Rose Hair Products

Having strong and healthy hair is my top priority when purchasing hair care products.  After that I take into account the price, scent, etc.  I myself have fine hair that has thinned a great deal.  I lose handfuls everyday.

Shampoo and conditioner brands always say how great they are, but too many fall short of those claims.  I want something that actually does what it says.

Thanks to Matrix, I have been having better hair days.  This new formula, Oil Wonders Volume Rose, is made for fine hair and has a light rose scent.

The first step is prime.  It is a pre-shampoo treatment oil that helps reduce breakage.  Just a few drops does the job without feeling heavy.

Next is cleansing with the shampoo.  It is gentle on the hair while removing dirt and buildup.

Onto conditioning for soft hair that feels nourished.

And for those days when I want something a little more, styling, with plumping mousse and finishing spray.

I've enjoyed using all five products but really like the shampoo.  It does the job but doesn't over do it.  The light rose scent wasn't something I really cared for at first, but I have gotten used to it.

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