Ghost Hampton - Volume 1

Ghost Hampton:  Volume 1
  Written by Ken McGorry
  Paperback/e-Book, March 2016
  Fiction, 466 Pages
  $16.99 - Purchase Copy from Amazon

Publisher's Synopsis:
Since his catastrophic car accident, notorious Scrooge-like Bridgehampton lawyer Lyle Hall feels strangely empathic for other people's pain.  Late one October night, a mysterious young girl appears to Lyle outside "Old Vic," a former brothel now facing demolition.

"Jewel" looks about 12.  But she's been dead 100 years.  Jewel wants Lyle's help.  In return, she shows him an appalling vision -  his own daughter's epitaph.  If it's to be believed, Georgie's last day is four days away! This shocks Lyle out of complacent convalescence and back into the real world.

Lyle's court injunction to save Old Vic blows up when it leaks that the house might be haunted.  Soon a horde of paranormal-obsessed demonstrators invades Bridgehampton, triggering a national media frenzy.  Lyle's new nemesis wears high heels:  Silk, a beautiful, scheming TV reporter.  Forced to choose between Silk's seductive exclusive media contract and Georgie's wellbeing, Lyle stumbles badly.

Ken McGorry worked for over twenty years for Post Magazine.  He lives in New York with his wife.  Find him online at

My Thoughts
I love a good ghost story!  This one was not only funny but had characters that you felt were real.  The main character, Lyle, was a not-so-nice lawyer who is pretty much homebound after a really bad accident a year ago.  He finally gets a motorized wheelchair and that is when everything changes...

He ends up seeing a ghost at an old abandoned house and a local reporter starts a whirlwind when he writes about the story.  Then comes along a clairvoyant, tv celebrity, priest and more.  What's inside the house may not be good and when people start dying, his daughter is even more upset.  I'm definitely looking forward to the next installment! I Rated This Book:  4/5 Stars ****

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