For Dog's Sake!

For Dog's Sake:  A Simple Guide to Protecting Your Pup From Unsafe Foods, Everyday Dangers, and Bad Situations
  Written & Illustrated by Amy Luwis
  Paperback/e-Book, 144 Pages
  May 2016, $7.99 - $12.22
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Publisher's Synopsis:
Packed with infographics and ridiculously cute illustrations, this trustworthy (and adorable) source of life-saving information about poisons, hidden dangers, and emergency first-aid is accessible and easy to consult at a moment's notice.

Expert tips on canine diet, exercise, and grooming will surprise and inform first-time dog owners and veterans alike.

Best of all, a portion of the proceeds will go directly to helping sick and injured shelter pets through's Veterinary Care Fund.

Amy Luwis is an animal advocate and co-founder of  She is passionate about ending animal abuse and educating the public about being compassionate towards all creatures great and small.  She lives in California with her husband and their pit bull, Isabelle.  You can find her online at

My Thoughts
This book has adorable illustrations and some helpful information.  Some of the things mentioned I had never heard of before.  It is arranged to be easy to find what you are looking for and doesn't ramble on.  It gives you what you need. Perfect for dog owners, both new and old.  MH and I have looked through it several times already.  I like reading the little illustrations all the time.  I Rated This Book:  4/5 Stars ****

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