Vital Whole Blends From Freshpet Are On Our List

YUM Mom, I LOVE this new food!

Our oldest dog has gotten really picky about what she eats in the past six months.  I never thought the day would come that Nellie would not eat anything that was given to her! We try to use the best foods possible to keep our girls healthy.

Since we live hours away from any pet food stores, that makes it kind of hard.  We have to make special trips to get all their goodies.  I believe we are going to have to add another item to our list now... Freshpet's Vital Whole Blends.  The girls have been trying them out and absolutely love it!

Dixie waiting patiently for her Vital Whole Blends

Vital Whole Blends are made with human-grade superfoods and ancient grains - like pumpkin, purple carrots, and quinoa that are perfect for the life-stage or lifestyle of your pets.  You can use them as a topper on their regular food (which is what I did) or just feed them alone. There are six varieties to choose from:

  • Dental
  • Digestive
  • Daily 
  • Puppy 
  • Senior
  • Immunity

The new products are made in the U.S. using fresh, all natural ingredients - just like all the other Freshpet products.   They come in a resealable bag and have a shelf life of one year, unopened of course.  You still need to refrigerate them after opening to keep them fresh and make sure to use them within 7-10 days of opening.

Nellie letting me know she wants her Vital Whole Blends - NOW!
We have tried all six varieties and the girls had no preference, they ate all of them eagerly.  I have to admit, they look and smell wonderful.  I was a little jealous.  The one night that MH fed them their supper, he forgot to add the Vital Whole Blends and the girls looked at him like he was crazy.

You can purchase Freshpet Vital Whole Blends at Petco and other select pet retailers nationwide for about $8.99 per bag. To find the store nearest you, visit the website at  You can also connect with them on social channels at:

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