Schleich’s Horse Club is Fun For Girls

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We received a special package not long ago that A. really enjoyed - fun products from Schleich and the Horse Club.  It included the Riding Arena, Arab Mare with Blanket, and an Arabian Foal.

This is the first I have heard of Schleich, which is one of Germany's largest toy manufacturers, in business for 80 years.  They make hand painted, highly detailed figurines and playsets that stimulate and encourage imaginative play.

The Horse Club collection is recommended for children ages 5 - 12, with prices ranging from $3.29 - $99.99.  There will be 18 new products added to the collection this year, including figurines, accessories, and playsets.

The Riding Arena sells for $34.99 and comes with:
1 -   Rider
1 -   Horse
1 -   Halter with Lead Rope
1 -   Horse Blanket
1 -   Bridle
1 -   Saddle
1 -   Covering for the Arena
10 - Pieces of Fence
2 -   Jumps
1 -   Bale of Hay
1 -   Bunch of Carrots

The Arab Mare with Blanket sells for $12.99 and comes with:
1 -   Arab Mare
1 -   Pink Fly Blanket
1 -   Halter with Lead Rope
1 -   Pile of Beetroot
1 -   Pile of Apples

Lastly, the Arabian Foal sells for $5.99.

A. just started getting interested in horses in the past year, so she was really excited to get these and play with the new set.  She even let big brother join in on the fun - a time or two.  She was happy to now have her very own riding arena, so she can train all of her horses.  There is already a list of new items from Schleich she wants for her birthday.

I was impressed with these toys.  The horses actually look like a horse, are sturdy, and are painted very nicely.  Much different than the cheap stuff you can buy everywhere.  It was nice to see the kids playing with actual toys and not electronics too!

You can go online to find out more about Schleich and the Horse Club, where to purchase (stores like Target, Tractor Supply, Walmart, Toys "R" Us - or buy online), and follow them on social channels at:

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