Home Improvement Done Right

We have been living in our house for about eleven years now.  It was a brand new house, so it hasn't needed a lot of updates, but the porch railings were in desperate need of repair!

Thank goodness MH has a friend that does good work and is dependable and honest.

No more flimsy and twisted boards...  now just a coating of stain and we will be good to go for several more years.

What upgrades have you done to your house this year?


  1. nice!!!! we wanted to do a lot this year but my husbands work place(s) either closed down (one still owes him holiday pay, T4'S and the government $200,000 in backtaxes....) and I ended up in emergency surgery so all the OT I would have made POOF, gone

    1. So sorry to hear about that. I hope things go better for you in the future and you are able to do some home improvement projects of your own :)


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