Using Up Our Fresh Peaches

We received a nice basket of fresh peaches the other day and I was wondering what to do with all of them before they spoiled.

First, I went online and found a recipe from Paula Deen for Peaches and Cream Muffins and decided to give that a go.

It tasted very good, but MH said he would have preferred it if I had made them with a streusel topping.

Good to know for the next time.

Another recipe I tried out was for Tennessee Peach Pudding from Taste of Home.

It was good - actually better tasting the next day - and no complaints from MH.

I still prefer the regular "biscuit-type" peach cobbler better, though.

Here is how it turned out...  yes, half eaten.

Have you used any fresh fruit or veggies in new recipes this year?

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