Halloween Styles From Glossique Nail Deco

Doing your nails can be a chore.  I almost always end up with nail polish all over my toes along with my toenails (I do not usually paint my fingernails).  I tend to be lazy when it comes to touch-ups too.  I want to do it once and have it look nice for at least a month.

That never happens.

It is easier to use nail wraps and it seems to last longer than plain old nail polish.  The cool designs are great too!

Enter Glossique - non-toxic nail wraps that come in regular and petite sizes, so kids can use them also.  They are chemical free, durable and peel off easily without damaging your nails.

I got the trick-or-treat Halloween pattern - as seen above.  I can't say I like the design much at all, but it does look better on your nails than I thought it would.

You have to cut the strip off the card they come on and then cut it in half before peeling it off and applying to your nails.  After you have that done, you again need to trim the excess.

I prefer less steps myself but they do last several weeks, so it isn't so bad.  When removing, I did have a gray residue that was left on my nails, which I had to take off with polish remover.

How much does a set of 19 decals cost (about 3 or more mani/pedis)? $15 but you can get 20% off Halloween wraps right now by using coupon code:  SPOOKY20.

To find out more and see all the different designs, visit glossique.com.  You can also find them on:


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