In My Mailbox - Useful Wins

I have received several useful wins lately from the many sweepstakes I enter.

Like the Hefty/Reynolds school supplied prizes with everyday items that get used all the time...

Baking sheets, cups, trash bags, plates, bakeware pans, oven bags and slow cooker liners.

Then there is the grey Pantone metal storage box from a Camel sweeps.

I also received a nice notebook but MH snagged that for work before I could get a photo.

I don't smoke, I just like to enter the sweeps, but I do give all coupons to a smoker, so it works out for both of us.

Next is a hat from Valvoline.  MH has so many hats that I doubt he will ever wear this one...

See all those coupons?  That is from a Dollar General/Coke contest - a whole years worth of free Coke (or 52 coupons).

Since they expire in December, I have been giving away a lot of them, making some people pretty happy.

Another cigarette website, Newport, gave me the Fitbit Alta.

I have to admit, I don't really care for the fitness tracker because it is hard to put on and since I wash my hands so often all day, it either stays wet or I have to try to get it on and off all the time.

I have also won several Amazon gift cards, which is what I really like.... money!

Do you enter sweepstakes at all? If so, what have you won lately?  

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