It's The Moodsters!

How do your children show their feelings? Do they have trouble doing so or feel bad if they can't show their anger or sadness? There is a cute solution that will help kids do just that - express their feelings no matter what they may be - The Moodsters.

The Moodsters, created by parenting and child development expert, Denise Daniels, are five little 'detectives' who use their sleuthing skills to help children solve the mysteries of feelings and that all feelings are okay.

The Moodsters is a first-of-its-kind brand, created to educate, entertain, and enhance the social and emotional development of preschool children. Through engaging characters, stories and toys, The Moodsters will teach children a vocabulary for their feelings to help them understand and manage their emotions, and impart simple strategies that help kids handle the everyday challenges of growing up.

The five little sleuths are:

  • Coz - who is Happy {yellow}
  • Lolly - who is Loving  {pink}
  • Snorf - who is Sad  {blue}
  • Razzy - who is Angry  {red}
  • Quigley - who is Afraid  {green}

So, how do they help children express their feelings? There are several products that will help them find out what feelings are and activities that will have them engaged and having fun while learning.

A few of those products include The Moodsters Feelings Notebook and Crayon set ($11.99).  It includes a 50-sheet spiral notebook with cardboard covers and dividers and five jumbo crayons that will let them draw what they are feeling in their own special notebook.  The cover has an arrow that can be moved to point to the different characters/feelings also.

Another fun item is The Moodsters Plush Character and Sticker Activity Books ($16.99).  It comes with a talking plush toy character and his/her own feeling activity book and stickers.  You press the belly and several phrases are played.  The book is softcover and about 16 pages.  Even Nellie liked the little Coz plush we received.

You can purchase these new products along with several others at Target and Toys "R" Us stores, online, or on Amazon.  To find out more, visit the website,, or follow them on social channels:

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