A Comforting LAVA Lamp Gift Idea

I grew up in the 70's and that meant we had a lava lamp.  I used to love watching it bubbling, even though the color was really ugly.  It had a yellowish color liquid with a pale red wax.  Even though it was so ugly I kept staring at it because they are so comforting to watch.

Well, the look of LAVA Lamps has changed a lot over the years.  Some have glitter, shapes, or even look like snow falling.  There are many different shapes and colors also.  I chose this blue lamp because 1) I love the color blue, and 2) I like the design on the globe.

It is smaller than the lamp I have now, only 14.5 inches tall, but the thing I like more is that the liquid is blue instead of clear, so it stands out all the time.

LAVA Lamps are easy to assemble - just put the bulb into base and set the globe onto it, then add the cap on top.  It takes several hours for it to heat up initially and melt the wax.  A thing to keep in mind, if it is below 70 degrees in your home, the wax doesn't bubble either.

So, how much does this lamp cost and where can you purchase?

This particular lamp costs $22.99 and can be purchased online, or at stores like Spencer's, Target, Walmart, Bed, Bath & Beyond and more. Prices range from $15.99 - $99.99.

To find out more, visit the LAVA Lamp website at lavalamp.com and visit them on social channels:

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