Bil-Jac Little-Jacs Dog Treats

It has been a tough four months since our oldest baby, Nellie, passed away but during that time we have all had the opportunity to cherish the memories and see how our youngest, Dixie, has changed.  She has always had Nellie around to keep her in line and make her feel safe.

Dixie is now showing a personality (with some attitude) and really enjoys being "top dog".  We are trying to spend more time with and teach her things that we were unable to do before because of jealousy.  It has helped having these little dog training treats from Bil-Jac, called Little-Jacs.

They are small sized but big enough to encourage Dixie to follow commands without getting fat from eating too many treats.  Made from real chicken liver and chicken, without gluten, soy, or added fat.

She loves them and will do almost anything (at least once) to get a taste.  I like the fact they have real ingredients that are good for her and easy to store and take along for training and play time.  We might make a "good doggie" out of her yet...  Kidding, she is a sweetheart.

You can not purchase them in grocery stores but can find them at pet stores like Pet Smart and Petco, or online for about $2.79 - $8.39 per 2 - 16 oz. resealable bags.

To find out more about the Bil-Jac brand, visit them online and on social sites:

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